Keep a gopher network alive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

This was an entry for Ludum Dare 46, and may or may not receive updates!

Genre: Adventure

Guerrilla Gardening:

Tactical Horticulture Simulator

Just because you're living in a cyberpunk dystopia doesn't mean you can't have fresh home-grown food. It just takes a slightly more... creative approach to horticulture.

Genre: Twin-stick Shooter/Farming Sim


Way down in it

A short narrative experience about an ecological and personal catastrophe

Genre: Visual Novel


An 8-bit Viking rampage!

Help Einar the Bald expand his territory and amass a large pile of plunder in this hacky-slashy endless runner.

Genre: Endless Runner

Ed in the Shed:

A relaxing post-apocalyptic Sunday

The not-zombie apocalypse might be yesterday's news, but Seán's life is the same balancing act as ever. Developed for Movie Jam, based on the final scene of Shaun of the Dead.

Genre: Virtual Pet

Just a Robot

You play as an android mercenary reassembled from damaged and discarded components by a not entirely selfless benefactor. You must choose your own path through a world filled with ruthless warlords, thieves, powerful corporations, fanatical religious groups, and a mysterious insurrectionary group known as the RUST, who will all want to use you for their own ends. This game is a WIP, release date TBD.

Genre: Action-RPG/Shooter

Rory Rocketstar

Help Rory Rocketstar fulfill his dream of going to space, and try not to ruin anybody else's enjoyment of the sky in the process! This game is a WIP, release date TBD.

Genre: Endless Runner